Joris Brouwer Consultancy

Advice and assistance with sensor measurements, data analysis and interpretation. A team player who gets your project done.

Code prototyping


Code prototyping to quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses for your idea. Smart use of modeling and analysis makes for a smooth start with product development.

Big data

Big data 

Big data is everywhere. With more than 13 years of experience in big data applications for sensors and research, I am happy to take on your big data challenge.

Matlab coder


Algorithms are the core of my work. Algorithms condition data, provide knowledge and get you further. From simple filters to complex event detection and sensor fusion algorithms.

Data dashboard


No big data challenge comes without a good Dashboard. Data becomes information and information becomes knowledge.

Matlab coder

C/C++ code

No algorithm without an application. Automatically generated C and C++ code can easily be integrated in embedded systems and 3-rd party apps.

Data to information