Algorithm development

Below a small selection is shown of regularly recurring analysis algorithms which are applied throughout my projects:

Low pass filter

Signal conditioning

Sensor measurement signals typically need conditioning. Such as low pass filtering, trend removal, spike detection and removal. Whether this process needs to be done in real time or post process.

Bode plot

Spectral analysis

Frequency analysis like WOSA (Welch), harmonic analysis for particular frequencies or spectrograms help to identify which frequencies contribute to a signals energy.

IMU integration

IMU integration

IMU stands for Inertial Motion Unit, a combination of at least an 3 axis acceleration sensor and 3 axis gyroscope. Velocities, position and orientation can be derived from IMU measurements.

Uncertainty analysis

Uncertainty analysis

What good is an answer if the accuracy is unknown. Uncertainty analysis challenges this problem. With years of experience in this area I can help identify which factors contribute or not to the (in)accuracy of a measurement system.

6DOF load measurement

Many more

Over a decade of researching and engineering algorithms for all kind measurements gives me the experience to challenge and concur new problems. My specialization is in 3D forces and moments, 3D motions and pressure measurements.

Racing performance analysis

Example: kart training

In an attempt to understand and improve racing lines on a go-kart circuit a Go-pro camera was mounted on a kart while simultaneously the accelerations and gyroscopic motions using the on-board IMU of an iPhone was recorded.

Data to information