Data processing

Data is everywhere, whether it is collected during product development or the product itself is data rich. In many of my projects the tooling and processing of (big) data and reporting of the results are projects of their own:

Big data

Big data

Are data volumes becoming to big to handle? I have experience in setting up data analysis tools for analyzing data sizes far exceeding regular internal memory sizes.

Production line test interface

Production line tests

Test interfaces for automated production lines tests including Bluetooth and database communications.

Mock-up for phone or tablet


Prototyping mock-ups is a quick way to see how a product might look, feel and work when deployed on another device like a smartphone or tablet.

Data dashboard or UI

Data dashboards

Rather than a script used for occasional checking of figures and results, data dashboards are used in many of my projects to streamline the process of analyzing and debugging data streams to maximize efficiency. 

Data to information